Charles Austen Pumps supply air, gas and liquid products to industries throughout the world, for use in a wide range of applications. With a wealth of experience, Charles Austen Pumps are able to provide a solution to any conceivable application, offering you the best and most relevant technology.

We are passionate about meeting our customers' needs and always welcome the opportunity to discuss new applications, if you would like to discuss your application and how our pumps can help you, call us on +44 (0)1932 355277 or email

Below are some examples of typical applications for our products:

Medical - reliability and accuracy are key when selecting pumps for medical equipment. Vacuum pumps from Charles Austen not only provide reliability but also low noise, low maintenance and are compact in order to fit within a range of equipment. Applications include IVD analysers, blood pressure monitors, histology, air mattresses and negative pressure wound therapy.

Food and Beverage - Charles Austen Pumps provide vacuum pumps and compressors that offer technologies needed within the ever growing food and beverage industry. Applications include liquid dispense, gas mixing systems and the driving of pneumatic devices and pumps.

Environmental - as diverse as environmental applications are, where pressure, vacuum or flow is required, Charles Austen Pumps can provide a product to suit. Whether this be for gas analysers, fish pond aeration, sewage aeration or hydroponic growing.

Condensate Removal - a range of condensate removal pumps and accessories have been designed to work within the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. BlueDiamond products make both the installers job easier and provide reliability and cost effective solutions.