Posted by charlesausten on March 1, 2017

The LD series are exceptionally low cost linear air pump providing unrivalled reliability and exceptional performance.  Designed for applications requiring extremely quiet and highly efficient operation the LD10 provides a low pressure, constant flow oil-free air source. Ideal for use in ripple beds, air mattress and disability aids where long term reliability and whisper quiet operation is a prerequisite.

The simple yet efficient pumping principle uses an electro magnetically operated diaphragm, which eliminates sliding parts keeping wear and tear minimal and power consumption as low as 5W. Designed for easy OEM fitment including retro-fit the LD series includes quick fit anti-vibration mounts eliminating the need for tools.

A comprehensive range of models are available offering flow rates in steps from 5 l/min to 60 l/min with service life up to 25,000 hrs. Various voltages can be specified including 12V units for enhanced patient safety. Certain models are available with vacuum and pressure use from the same unit or with dual outlets for the ease of running two applications from one pump.

Charles Austen Pumps also manufacture a comprehensive range of diaphragm pumps, rotary diaphragm pumps and rocking piston pumps for use in medical installations.