The RD1 helps a leading IVD manufacturer improve their device

Posted by charlesausten on June 12, 2017

The previous design of analyser relied on a syringe pump to generate a vacuum to aspirate the sample through the analyser and to drain waste from the fluidic circuit. However the syringe pumps are unable to simultaneously generate vacuum and drain waste from the previous sample reducing the number of samples per hour that could be processed.


By using an RD1 pump these actions could happen simultaneously  reducing the cycle time of the analyser.


Our rotary diaphragm technology has a range of valuable features for designers of fluidic systems such as those used in IVD analysers include


  • Higher levels of vacuum than conventional liquid diaphragm pumps.
  • Maintenance free operation with no tubes to split.
  • Simultaneous vacuum and drain operation
  • Valve less design unaffected clotted samples and debris
  • BLDC Options available for long life
  • Integrated EMC suppression


To learn more about our range of pumps for IVD analysers and to discuss how we can help you improve your product I can be contacted below.

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