Diaphragm-Logo.png  D5 Series

The D5 series provides a clean, oil free vacuum and pressure source in a very quiet, low cost compact unit. Lightweight components, slim line design and low operating current make D5 pumps ideal for applications where space is limited.





max vacuum

Max Pressure


    12V DC 24V DC 110V AC 230V AC l/min  mbar (abs) bar  psi  PDF Icon 
 D5 AC.png D5 AC     •  •  6 140 2.5 36.0 PDF Icon 
 D5 DC.png D5 DC     6.5  140 2.5 36.0 PDF Icon 
  D5 DE series     5.5  165 2.5 36.0 PDF Icon 
  D5 DE parallel     15 - PDF Icon