Linear Diaphragm

The LD-BM40B uses a simple yet efficient pumping principle with an electro magnetically operated diaphragm, which eliminates sliding parts keeping wear and tear minimal. This oil free principle produces a smooth pulse free flow at a low pressure with an inlet and outlet for vacuum and pressure use.

Designed for easy OEM installations the LD-BM40B is lightweight and compact with quick fit anti vibration mounts, requiring no tools. Designed for continuous use it is housed in a robust alloy casing with exceptional output from a small foot print.

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Product Type: Air

Maximum Flow: 42 Litres per minute

Maximum Vacuum: 320 mbar

Maximum Pressure: 0.13 bar

Dimensions (LxWxH): 118.2 x 132.2 x 91mm

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  • Ripple beds
  • Cuff inflation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Foot spa's
  • Odour neutralisers
  • Fuel cell manufacture
  • Air sampling