Rocking Piston Pumps For On-Board Pneumatics

Posted by charlesausten on January 18, 2017

There are a huge array of manufacturing, processing, storage and testing machines which rely on a source of clean, compressed air in order to drive their pneumatic systems. Many production line or off-line machines incorporate valves, pneumatic door seals or locking mechanisms which are actuated by pressure – usually provided by a factory or laboratory air-line. However, many manufacturers have sought to improve their equipment by incorporating a small oil-free compressor within the machine itself, thus avoiding reliance on external compressors. The result is a more independent system which can be easily relocated or installed where no air-line is available. Simply a single phase mains supply is sufficient.

Charles Austen Pumps offer a range of oil-free compressors including the miniature RP12 - capable of 6 bar pressure and small enough to be fitted integrally in most systems. The RP12 is available in a variety of voltages including 24v DC enabling it to be easily integrated into an electronically operated system. The pump is oil-free, maintenance free and can also be used for vacuum where required. It can be used to directly actuate pneumatics, or with the addition of a pressure switch, in conjunction with a receiver.

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