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The ETA series range of air pumps ensures that there is plenty of water movement in wastewater applications; this boosts oxygen levels in the water, allowing aerobic bacteria to decompose. When used in medical applications, the ETA series provides a high low at low pressure. Enviro ETA pumps come with a built in alarm which detects low pressure in the airline.

enviro® ETA SERIES

ETA-compressor (1).png

40.0 l/min (0.12 bar)

18mm Connector Size


60.0 l/min (0.12 bar)

18mm Connector Size


80.0 l/min (0.12 bar)

18mm Connector Size


100.0 l/min (0.12 bar)

18mm Connector Size


120.0 l/min (0.12 bar)

18mm Connector Size


150.0 l/min (0.20 bar)

18mm Connector Size


200.0 l/min (0.20 bar)

18mm Connector Size


250.0 l/min (0.20 bar)

26mm Connector Size


300.0 l/min (0.20 bar)

26mm Connector Size


  • Enviro air pump with built in alarm which detects low pressure in the airline.

  • Integral high sounding buzzer and bright LED warning signals.

  • Also available with 230V output wire for connection to an alarm panel or beacon.

  • Supplied with a rubber elbow for easy fitting.

  • Ideal for large scale sewage treatment systems or pond aeration.

  • Fit for both indoor and outdoor use due to its weatherproof design.

  • Compatible with our service kits to help extend the life of the pump.

ET SKT 150-200.jpg

ETA 40-300 Service packs available

Watch video procedure

At Charles Austen we recommend that enviro pumps are serviced at least every 18 months, service kits for each pump can be purchased from us. Sign up to our service reminder and we'll remind you when it is due!

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