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For almost 70 years, Charles Austen Pumps has worked hard to earn the trust and respect of pump buyers within various industries across the world. Our founder, Charles Austen, is widely believed to have invented the first ever diaphragm pump using the leather from left-over army boots following the first world war. Charles later went on to found the company which in the 1940s, became the first manufacturer to put pumps in the laboratory, where the equiment was used to create vaccines for diseases such as Diphtheria, Smallpox and Polio.
Since then Charles Austen Pumps has been involved in a number of huge advancements in recent human history, from the conception of Dolly the Sheep (the first ever cloned mammal) to our own world-changing innovation in the form of patented rotary diaphragm technology. Even to this day Charles Austen is revolutionizing pumping principals in a wide span of different markets. We champion in vending technology, environmental equipment and life-changing medical apparatus.


Charles Austen Pumps is split into 5 main divisions, each specializing in manufacturing and supplying pumps specialized for different markets. Each division is colour-coded for ease of navigation, allowing easy identification of the relevant product for you.


At Charles Austen Pumps Ltd we believe flexibility is key to the future development of your business; this combined with our unique technology has led to our bespoke OEM pumps. In addition to off the shelf units, we can work with you on a one-to-one basis to develop exclusive pumps for every conceivable application from vending pumps, medical pumps but also to pumps for use in inkjet printing and environmental monitoring.


Charles Austen Pumps stocks an extensive range of pumps suitable for use in both aquatic and hydroponic applications. The range includes both air and liquid pumps in varying flow rates, from a single tank or home growing system up to aeration for large koi ponds and fish breeders. All of the pumps in the range are CE registered and can be purchased with UK, EU or US plugs. We also offer a next day delivery providing the order is processed before 1pm (BST/GMT)


Linear diaphragm air pumps from Charles Austen are designed for use in sewage aeration applications. Our pumps are crucial in the treatment of wastewater as having a supply of oxygen is essential in allowing aerobic bacteria to decompose matter, leaving the water clean. We supply a diverse range of impressively durable pumps at impressively low cost. Charles Austen Pumps also offer alarmed variants that detect low airline pressure, preventing catastrophic failures. 


As an international supplier of condensate removal pumps and accessories, BLUEDIAMOND® ensures that the installer and end user is always at the forefront of their focus. Continued in house product development and manufacturing allows BLUEDIAMOND® to not only keep up with demand but to develop a range of condensate removal pumps that resolves a list of common failings and weaknesses faced by engineers on a regular basis.


When engaging in a new project and or improving an existing one, Charles Austen pumps offer the ability to design and manufacture bespoke pumps to fit your requirements perfectly. In fact it’s our specialty and what sets us apart from the wider one-trick pony market.  With everything from tool making to assembly carried out in house we have total control over every aspect of the process ensuring outstanding quality and product reliability. 


Charles Austen Pumps utilize a number of different pumping principles to create an incredibly versatile range of products that offer world-leading performance and reliability across a variety of different markets. Our philosophy is that to be the best sometimes you need to see beyond what everyone else does and invent something better. This can clearly be shown in our incredible innovation over our history, originally pioneering diaphragm technology, and more recently inventing the next step in it's evolution in the form of patented rotary diaphragm and patented Gyrok pumping principles. 


Charles Austen Pumps are incredibly proud to champion the resurgence in the British engineering and manufacturing fields. With 2 manufacturing plants based in the UK, employing state of the art equipment and methods we can stand behind the quality of our pumps with total clarity and control over the manufacturing process. In fact we're so dedicated to provide a complete end product that we employ 10 members of staff solely dedicated to tool-making, efficiently and precisely enabling us to revolutionize the pump industry.


All of our products are designed, tooled, developed and manufactured in house, meeting our strict approach to quality, stemming from our UK heritage and wide skill base. Each of our pumps is vigorously tested at the end of the production line, allowing us to ensure our customers are receiving the best product possibly to ISO 9001 quality standard.

From design to packaging ready for distribution, our team take pride in every single product dispatched from our warehousing facilities. We consistently invest in both training and machinery to keep up with ever changing technology.

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As a fast expanding, multi-national engineering business. We constantly provide new opportunities to join our company whether it be assembly, research and development or as part of the sales teams for each division.

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