Capex L1


The Capex L1 liquid diaphragm pump provides a clean oil free transfer of liquids and air/liquid mixtures. Suitable for continuous duty the Capex L1 is self-priming and able to run dry without damage.

Designed for OEM applications the Capex L1 easily fits into a range of equipment without the need for design changes. The ability to rotate the pump head to provide process connections in any orientation and the integral mounting feet ensure compact and space saving installation.


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Product Type: Liquid

Maximum Flow: 1.6 litres per minute

Voltage Options: 110V AC (50/60hz), 230V AC (50hz)

Weight: 2.0 kilograms

Dimensions (LxWxH): 158 x 88 x 140 mm


  • Condensate removal
  • Reservoir drainage
  • Liquid dispensing
  • Scavenging air/liquid mixtures