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D5/ D6 SE-





  • Technology: Diaphragm

  • Lubrication: Oil-free

  • Number of stages: Single-stage

  • Other characteristics: compact, low-noise level, chemical-resistant, mini, brushless DC

  • Applications: for the chemical industry, OEM, for fuel cells, air sampling, for medical applications

  • Flow rate:

  • Max.: 15 l/min (3.96 us gal/min)

  • Min.: 5.5 l/min (1.45 us gal/min)

  • Ultimate vacuum: 140 mbar, 165 mbar (2.03 psi)

Charles Austen D5 series diaphragm pumps provide an unrestricted oil free flow of 5 l/min (0.18 cfm) for air and gas with maximum vacuum levels of 190 mbar abs (-810 mbar or 620 mmHg).

Manufactured in the UK by Charles Austen Pumps the D5 diaphragm pump is a quiet and compact, low current draw pump with range of options including chemically resistant materials and durable BLDC motor options making it an ideal for a range of applications.

"The D5 has been proven in a range of products including medical devices, beverage vending, fuel cells, gas analysis, laboratory instrument."

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