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Updated: Oct 22, 2021

The Challenge:

Dealing with high salt content liquid has always been considered a difficult task in the pump industry, due to its corrosive nature and electrolytic properties. Consequently, Charles Austen Pumps is proud to announce that after testing and developing for thousands of hours, we have evolved specially formulated blends of elastomer materials and unique components. These allow the RD1-IVD variant to reliably and safely handle these highly corrosive liquids over long periods of time.

Our Solution:

The very nature of the valveless and self priming RD1 pump make it ideal for precisely drawing the IVD sample by vacuum and flushing out by flow/pressure in all climatic conditions. No other type of pump can offer these multiple benefits.

· Utilises a Santoprene composite diaphragm.

· Uniquely pumps ‘diluent’ without leakage.

· The technology has no sliding parts that wear and maintenance is kept to a minimum.

· Pumps viscous liquids without hampering performance.

· Valveless design with contamination free pump chamber.

· Self priming.

· Runs dry.

· Can provide reversible flow without the need for additional valves.

· Revolutionary alternative to peristaltic and diaphragm pumps.

· Unique patented design does not require maintenance or replacement tubing.

Pump Specifications:

· 0.85 Litres/ Min Flow

· Vacuum- down to 300 mbar (abs)

· Pressure- up to 2 bar / 29 psig

Pump Materials

· Head: Polypropylene

· Diaphragm: Santoprene Composite

Motor options

· 12v DC

· 24v DC

The RD1 is ideal for a vast variety of pump applications spanning from the Medical, Beverage & Environmental industry. Visit for more information on our off the shelf units.

If you can’t find what you are looking for then visit our bespoke range where you can utilise our in-house R&D, Tooling and Manufacturing capabilities.

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