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Side Channel Aeration Blowers for Wastewater Treatment by Charles Austen

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Charles Austen Pumps Ltd stocks an extensive range of industrial side channel blowers and accessories that have been specifically sized for the critical aeration needs of the wastewater and sewage industry.

The Charles Austen range of machines incorporates air blowers with flowrates from 5m³/hr to over 500m³/hr, ideal for both small and large population treatment systems.

Single phase and three phase motor variants (IE1/IE2/IE3) are available.

These machines operate on a non-contact basis meaning there are no wearing parts. They provide outstanding reliability and are virtually maintenance free.

For further information please view our website here:

PLEASE NOTE: This is only a small selection of our side channel blower range, a wider variety of machines are available - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

For further information please contact our pump experts on 01932 355277.


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